Booster Electronics Technology (Zhongshan) Co, Ltd. was founded in 2010, located in Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City, besides Zhuhai City within 15 minutes’ driving distance. The major company business scope is providing the end to end generic/customized manufacturing test development/system integration, test automation and enterprise manufacturing system solutions to benefit our customers all over the world. We have established strategical partner relationships with many world-class solution providers, such as National Instruments from Texas, SiTech from Settale, Testing House from Silicon Vally … etc. We have 40+ very experienced test developers and design engineers to provide various product manufacturing test solutions, test automation solutions and platforms. Standardized and modularized design is always our target to provide customers more stable solutions through saving in reuse. We have developed many standard HW/SW solutions including test development, test automation and enterprise manufacturing systems to benefit our customers.

Our Vision

Win-Win with our customer together in Manufacturing Industry by providing Support and Services through Best-in-Class Test and Automation Engineering Solutions

Our Service

  • Professional Manufacturing Testing Expert to provide customer an end to end Production Testing Solutions!
  • DFT/ICT/BSCAN/Board and System Level Functional Test Development
  • System Integration/Fixture & Tester Duplication
  • Robotic arm ICT/Functional Test Automation Development, Inline Functional Testing, Customized Test Automation Solutions.

We are a professional manufacturing test development, automation solutions provider! please contact us at:,